Light your fire!

Light your inner fire!
A soul is driven by passion
The eagerness to expand
Its talentful core in radiance
Its illuminated sparkling

A soul must sparkle!
A soul must burn with passion!
A soul should illuminate!
A soul should live its talents!
Its sparkling!

Never underestimate
The Light in your soul
Once you are touched
And your inner soul Light is enflamed
You know that never will
Ever be the same

You felt the sparkle
You set your soul on fire
You impassionate energetical being you are
Make sure you are driven by your soul
Its passions, its talents and its sparkling
The radiance of being

Love what you do!
Do what you love!
Now. Than. Ever!
Never ever take life for granted
Don’t live it with your mind
As the real passion
Comes and is lived by the soul!!!

Love, Irmgard????