Life is ‘yum yum’

Life is just as ‘yum yum’ as you want
You have to make it by yourself
Seek the happiness within
Nobody can do that for you
Real happiness is always an inside job
So, if you want to celebrate life
You got to do something. Just do it
Just waiting before the happiness
Is taking over
Is influencing your being
That is not the way how it works

You have to ‘yum yum’ your life by yourself
You are the one and only
Who actually can make the difference
If you want to shine, to glory within
To live ‘yumyumness’
You have to make yourself unexpectedly
Worthy to make life chew like you want
Create your own gum in life
Life is a great bubble
A bubble of happiness
You have to ‘yum yum’ and chew it
Like you want

See life as a great bubblegum
That’s is tasty. That is ‘yumminess’
O really it is
Taste it, chew it and shape it like you want
Don’t swallow it. That is a waste of happy times
You have to make sure that the gum is yours
The happiness is yours
Make the best of it
That is what we want. That you live your life
Into the greatness of your shaped bubble
As happy as you can be

Happiness isn’t an illusion
Happiness is there for everyone
As happiness is great feed for your soul
But like everything in life
You have to go for it
Shape it yourself
If you want a yummy life
You have to make sure your gum
Your bubblegum is chewed correctly
With the right intention
And also with great dedication

Because you shape your own bubble of happiness
Your own ‘yumminess’ in life
When things are not going like you want
If things are not happening like you desire
If you want to make a happy change in your life
Choose your gum of life wisely
With the heart and the soul
Because they know which gum
Which path to take…
And they let you chew the best possible
Bubble of happiness you ever could have foreseen

Love, Irmgard