Life… I am in!!!

The dazzling concept of life is that we are meant to live. Shaped to be awaken in our own inner truth. The unevoked truth of the soul. In its most radiant and potential means. It never can be such a trembling notice that we are only here to race our rat race, daily in daily out, without having  a clou what we are doing. Not as it is supposed to be. Acting not on behalf of the leads of the mind but acting on the universal leads of the soul.

Life… In am in! In this secluded feeling about my internal meanings of life I was certainly shook several times to be awaken in this beautiful soul sun I possess. In the contrary of my earlier means I thought that everything was about to happen based on the knowing’s of the mind and in this devastating conviction I was living my personal rat race for decades. Knowingly truthful to my perception of life: following that narrating mind of mine.

In the awakening truthful meaning of life there is no such thing as being convicted to the ‘meaningful’ disadvantaged, progressing mind. With all its limitations, cadres and unworthy disbelief. Holding me back for that same decades. Serving everything and all except the true means, potential, what I carried around from the start.

Once I was able to step out of that rat race, driven by my ego and the mind and its dogma’s, its convictions, judgments I was able to unchain myself of the mind and its chains what life and my ego- self had lied upon me. I was chained by myself in the most peculiar way you could imagine.

Stepping out of that ego rat race and out of my comforted zone didn’t happen all at once. The universe gave me room to settle and step by step I was able to step forward in the embracing concept of my true self. The authentic one. Called a soulful being and not being misted and veiled by the mind as I know for so far.

Nothing is wisdom. Nothing is a must. I only feel what suits my being the best possible way and in the aligned version of myself with the soul energy, the universe and all what is I truly am possible to feel. Feel beyond anything and everything. I can feel, see and carry myself with and by the eyes of my beloved soul. This clarity of meaning, living a potential and meaningful life after all, did lead me to consciously being aware, carrying this awareness around, and feel that it certainly is time to start living. Living my soul and its uniqueness. I do step forward in my leading soul potential and my ego mind, my humanly self, can’t will not hold me back any more. Life… I am in!!!

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen