Letter to my loving self

Dear human being,

You are way too hard on yourself. Your hardness hardens you. Your pain too. You are not your pain, not your hardness and not your sorrow.

Hardness does not last when you are love. Because you are love. You are light.

You are too cramped in your judgment of self, too harsh, too judgmental and (like the universe says this) not pure.

As you often say to others: if I saw what I see now, you would see yourself differently.

You know your worth, how you feel, what you feel, don’t you? Why can’t you still look at yourself with love after all those lessons? With mildness? With compassion? With sympathy for all that was. What is.

You are love. Everything is love. That is why you may start to embrace, to see, to carry yourself with love… To love into the core.

Love, your soft, loving feminine energy. XXX