Let’s talk about the ego…

These words are channeled:

Ego is that kind of thing, the part of you, what needs -out of insecurity, lack of self-esteem and perhaps lack of trust- a pedestal to show itself. Ego is driven by the mind. As ego is a vast part of the majority of you people, humans, it is overall in your society. Ego rules the world, we say. Ego drives your dimension. This is universally seen unworthy as your soul, for its soul evolution, has to be lived. In the most appropriate way it can. In the most aligned possible, dedicated, way.

The ego mind drives you to a life, a path, were the soul is submerged to the ego. In the universal soulfulness of your being it is quite a pity that most of you are narrated by the ego mind. To fulfill their dreams. Dreams of status, materialism, dreams of power, dreams what doesn’t suit your soul at all! Perhaps you can say dreams are dreams and when they fill my pocket, wallet and life that is beautiful. That is it! Is that really true…??? Is that it??? Does it make you HAPPY????? Happiness can’t be bought. Never! Happiness can’t be ordered and served on a plate. Oh no! Happiness has to be felt in your heart. True happiness is felt in your soul. On soul level. In the deepest layers of your being. You can’t evoke happiness with the mind!!! It isn’t for sale. You have to realize that. That TRUE HAPPINESS is lived by the soul and never by the mind. That real passion comes from within, the inner you, and can’t be lived by the mind. Yóu might think you can. But you can’t. One day you will feel that. Perhaps with you pockets filled or with empty pockets. Far more with a unsatisfied, unhappy soul. As this universal pocket, this universal evolutionary gap, isn’t filled yet.

When do you start realizing that life is not what you gain on the outside but what you gain on the inside? You can’t live that with your ego. With your ego mind. You have to “get rid” of this “devastating” thought of Being… as your life should be soul driven and never, we repeat, mind driven. That is ego. Your soul never needs a pedestal to show itself! You soul never needs to prove itself to others. Your soul has no drive to fill its own pockets. As it has one “pocket of being”: soul evolution. And that is almighty important. Without pointing fingers it is time to meet the real you! To meet your soul if you haven’t yet. It is time to feel real happiness… in your heart and soul! It is time to get acquainted with YOUR SOUL!

Have a soulful day!

Love, Irmgard❤️