Let me just be…

They say… I am autistic

I am rather optimistic


I feel aware and that I am a child of the new age

But society puts me in a cage


I feel frankly and deep

Putting stigma’s on it makes me weep


I am in the here and the now

Aligned with everything that is why and how


Don’t point fingers. Do not judge

Certainly do not smudge


I am a child of the universe

Don’t you get it? Don’t make it worse


I am a free soul

Just being is my goal


Let me do my thing and beyond

I will certainly go front


Don’t reject, point fingers anymore

I am a soul. Just a soul I embrace and adore


Being reluctant is my thing

I am whole, pure and let my soul sing


I AM above all… so set me free

Of all humanly cages, labels and stigma’s and let me just BE…


Love, Irmgard