Jumping out of your ‘web’

In the comforted web of being there is nothing so frightened than leaving this web. The web of comfort, of safety, of nourishing knowingness. Evidently there comes  a moment, a stage or period in your life that you have to give up this shelter, your own ‘man cave’ or ‘woman cave’ of being. That all for the growth, the inner wealth and wisdom of yourself.

When the web starts to discard, to crumble, into its own existentiality and you intend to draw inside whilst your world, your comforted means of before, start to fall apart into pieces just realize that every piece has to be cut apart to become whole.

In the downsizing, the process of heading forward to give up your comfort zone, isn’t easy and there is nothing peculiar and awkward that this process draws you inside. Like you will hold on to its core, the core of your web, to feel safe in a process of decrease, decline and to break you and your web into pieces.

Once there is no shelter left nor any comfort anymore and the only thing you could hold on to is yourself and that thin cord what connects you with your higher universal self, in the universal energy. This might be so scary when you bungee on hat small cord, balancing between what was and what lies ahead.

Even when your feel like this be aware that the inner core what connects you with the universal wealth (higher self) is strong enough to let you bounce on your feet and take that jump, that step forward, into ‘nothingness’.

When you dare to rely on the connection of self with the universal energies and you surrender completely, you are able to climb, crawl or even balance on one leg to another to make the move. The step to leave all behind to become a more potential soul in his prophesied meaning of life. Your unique soul card, path, life.

Be strong enough to get that grip once again and have enough faith to make the upcoming move when your web, your comforted zone of what was, falls apart…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen