Jump and land softly

In the hieroglyphs of our existence there is nothing so true worthy than to be acquainted with the inner self. The source that drives us all. This energetic connected alliance with the universal stream of what is might be your most self-controlled and guided connection there ever should be.

Might be implicates that there is always a choice. A choice to make the decisions where to go, what to do, in what you put your time, passion and devotion in by the heart. By your beloved soul. Your options are multiple and the universe will serve you your tests, trick you and will fool you where you are on your path. It is all part of the big lesson called soul evolution and there  is no single way to make steps on behalf of this evolutionary based (re-) alliance of being. Being alive.

In cooperation with the universe you might be showed the way, which choice to make and wherever your heart is your soul is. As connective host your heart is the only devotional connection between your existential truth and the universal wealth of being. The cord of the universe aligns, will attune, right in the energy what lives and resides in your heart. The soul energy.

On behalf of your soul and its universal connection there is nothing to fear, nothing to loose and in the lessons you are about to learn in the time schedule you are earthly around  there is no false or wrong. No good or worse. No good, better nor best. It is just the lessons you are allowed to learn based on plans and (as this might suit you) contracts too.

There is no need to perfectionize your standards, to set your limits, to achieve whatever you want to achieve as the moment when your soul set foot in your humanly life nothing will be the same anymore. As the heart is the most related to your soul as hosting party, as hosting part of your humanly embodied self, it knows. It surely knows.

The heart energy is about to feel likely many times faster than your mind and although you think you are intelligent, a fast thinker or an incredible human mindedly being… forget it. Loose that thought as the heart is far more speedy. So start feeling.

Start feeling in the heart. What lives there? Are you happy, does it feel right or not, which steps make you sparkle? Every decision can be made by the heart and as this is sustainable to your soul and its existential truth your soul is also involved. As loving matching couple for life, during your lifetime.

Feeling is the key word and in a mind based (ego based) society there is nothing so difficult sometimes to base your next step, your decision(s) or your life on the energy of the heart. The soul energy. It might frighten you, it might scare you and the worst scenario is that it might scare you so much that you are about to set the heart and soul aside and ping-pong you  back in the mind as this was your safe heaven for many years. Perhaps decades of a whole lifetime.

Decisions and steps are never easy when these apparently (now or on a long term) drive you out of your comfort zone. It is never so awkward, might be so scary and make you so unbalanced than the idea of stepping out of a life you know, a comfort zone what supplies you (maybe a false scent of) safety.

The universe feels obliged to tell you that each step you will make by the heart and its hosting party the soul will be empowered and helped by the universal help bar. Although you might think you are alone you have a scepter, a compliance of guides and helpers what back you up and help you more than sometimes dusty souls do. So be convinced that there is nothing to fear by each step you make by the heart and the soul.

Step forward and make the decision what suits your inner being, makes your inner self happy on the (long) term and although it feels like you stepping into nothing land no jump is so far that universe will not catch you. As the range of its magical width is so intense and immense large that you never will fall, never will loose and never will be left alone. So… jump and land softly.

Love, Irmgard