Jump and land gentle

The wonder of life is that you never know what is coming. That might frighten you but on the other hand it may surprise you. The challenge is totally yours and we all have our own challenges through life. Take it or leave it… it is just a fact. Called life.
Sometimes the universe urges you to jump whether you want it or not and the willing concept is not relevant as you navigate completely on, by and on behalf of (the voice of) your soul. Knowingly subjective and we all feel this differently: it is all for the best. Soul best.
The conquered, blurred mind can hold you in its grip for decades, in its fear but once the universe has taken the lead by that renewed energetical alignment with your beautiful soul you better get along. As surrender is the best way to cope with everything the universe serves you.
My soul navigated, lead, me to that particular moment: to jump again. Even in the overwhelming of this inner knowing, feeling, there is nothing left to rely on. Jumping is the only thing I can do to move on and get me going. In the dashing flow of my soul.
Since weeks I am decluttering my house, the garden and myself too. As all the stuff gave me security in life I don’t need the most of it anymore. As I learned in my personal processes that once you have faced the deep, came home in self (met the essential you), that you don’t need a materialized life to be happy, to feel safe and to give you comfort.
I sold a lot on the Dutch online marketplace, drove many times with my tiny Suzuki to the charity shop to donate and still I have a lot of work to accomplish. In the decluttering comes the clarity and the room for new. Even when I am not aware of where to go to the jump is already there. Honestly said, despite of the fact that I jumped many times last eight years the feeling of not knowing where to go to doesn’t make me happy at all. Frankly, I am a bit afraid.
Last night I dreamed deeply and I seemed to be on a holiday. I had to jump of a hill to take a picture of a beautiful natural phenomenal. I was devastatingly anxious and felt that I might not land properly on my feet. Just the moment I had this feeling things started to slow down and I felt the helping hand of the universe. In the slow-motion of the jump I was able to land softly and I instinctively felt that the universe took care of me. Knowing that even I am afraid of jumping that there will be a soft landing ahead.
In the restless past days I am more at ease now. Glad for that and grateful for everything what might look difficult but will turn out for the best, soul best, afterwards. Universe, I am ready to jump! Please help me more and let me feel over and over again that my landing will be gentle, soft and mild. Happy jumping to that!
Love, Irmgard😀
By Irmgard Daanen