Your wonder

When wonder let you go in life and you no longer grasp the trembling note of all-encompassing bliss and you can no longer dance on your own star, make sure that you find in silence and tranquility the contemplation, the attunement you need with the eternal connected chord with all that is to nourish again.

Standing still in silence and feeling what is alive in you, is no more than looking for the wonder in yourself. The moment you feel that you are missing that sparkle, the vibrating string of consciousness no longer touches you as such, it is perhaps unnecessary to say that precisely in your own embrace, sought and felt in silence, the guaranteeing factor of being can be met.

You are a silent being. Thus you have been put into dust and in the seclusion of existence, assuming that you are driven by your mind, you have subcutaneously lost the total attunement with all that is. Wandering in the forest to the oblivion of self you can gradually search, but as long as you do not stop and cannot grasp the wonder, starting in yourself, or take it again, searching is pointless. For he who is unable to embrace the length of the vibration, the depth of the string, the unbridled touch of the universal good within himself will not succeed in acquiring the longest singing note, that resounding sound in being.

There is no right, there is no wrong. That is an assumption of the human brain, and in the error of your thoughts lies the elimination of your wonder. Try to recatch these, feel what is right and appropriate for you and don’t be fooled. What doesn’t feel right to you in the basics of being, don’t do it. Feel, feeling and  to feel again is the magic word. The complete disillusionment of being is in what the mind (pre)lives you. You can never dance on your own star, vibrate the light that you carry within you as long as you have not grasped the wonder within yourself, don’t live it and cannot spread it.

Everything is connected. You too. The overall connection lies and starts with your vibrational string. The energetic connection you have with yourself. Your soul related being. A musician cannot be without his instrument and you have the general universal duty to take good care of your body and limbs. You carry your energetic wonder within you and you can only grab the magic if you can (re)pick up the string of yesteryear, your birth string, anchored in that beautiful soul of you.

You are. You are who you are and do not isolate yourself by the illusion you think you are. You know who you are. Your soul knows that and it’s just a matter of touching the right chord so you can grab your own melody, your own tune. The lute, flute or whatever instrument you play… it doesn’t matter as long as you do it with dedication, passion and devotion. The wonder is also in what you touch with your melody, with your melodic contribution to the whole. The bigger picture. You sing your own song, your own unique piece of music and see your unique chord again in the wonder of seeing, playing and seeing yourself in openness and love so that your uniqueness sounds like never before….

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen