It will be okay…

As I have a major ‘setback’, it feels like this… I just received these words. Maybe they suit you too…

Being prioritized in momentum is the greatest contribution of self in the actual state of being. The presented wealth -the inner wealth- of the self, actualized, temporary setback of being is the most finest accomplishment on the moment. Feeling ‘nuisanced’ into the momentum, the present of being, is in order to feel the total alignation in the particular moment. As all the nuisance has reflected itself and turned back to the background of being there is no time leap, no time effort and no time boundary set on what has to be accomplished for so far and further.
Time is set, divine time is set, and in the prophesied path, the time gear is on its return and the thing what matters is the actual feeling in momentum. Feeling into the nerves of how are you feeling? Does it feel okay? Do you need to be cherished more? Is there something needed to change? As in the best effort to take a good care of yourself lies the progress too. As progress is always progress even when you feel standing still in the setback, the step backwards, lies the fore coming step and all is in the move. In total seclusion, total impact, total grounding is a fact and even when you feel dwelling into the etheric sphere once again there is a feeling deep down inside you that can make sure that ever, wherever you are, wherever you go, home is where the sweet alignation (read connection) with self is.
Do not be foreseen by the wealth of others as inner wealth never is and never can be measured up with the standards of others. Your feelings count. They count beyond the idea of others, before the opinion of others and everything in between. Once you can let go of your fear you are truly meaningful towards yourself, your inner wealth and inner sanctuary too.
Do not dwell in anxieties, in pain, in agony of the past as this will lead you to nothingness, nothing land and ever wasted land. Only the true means, the inner leads, know where to go, where to move on to and where to pay attention to. There is no destined goal and in the progressing truth, the unfolding you, of yourself you will be accomplished, you will be helped and you will be carried on your prophesied path.
Meanwhile keep your faith. Now and ever, always and ever. There is nothing to lose once you follow the lead of the soul, the path of the soul and its outcome will be surprisingly. Live trustworthy, give it a chance and do not doubt too much about it. It will be fine, it will be okay and it will be contributive to your soul…
Love, Irmgard💓
By Irmgard Daanen