Is happiness the new gig, a new hype or is it just a fact to keep you going?

Happiness is a tremendous uplifting energy. The happier you are the more you progress in life. Life is just one great evolving process and in the midst of your life you are meanwhile going.

Life is flowing and the more you flow the more you go. Happiness in a huge concept of your life. It ought to be as this thrill for your soul is the existential energy of your soul beyond the universal nourishment it gets. Your unexpected happily humanly decorum is just a matter to keep you feel disclosed in the illusionary field of happiness. The universal happy thought is the happy feeling you experience inside.

Happiness is as fuel for your beloved soul and when your life, the existential contributive humanly ride, misses that substantial part you can be quite devastatedly going. In the misery of your own life you might have been lost, or you think you have been lost as in the preoccupied thought of this false thought you intend to adapt yourself to these settings of the mind. It is quite, it can quite be, a challenge to get yourself abandoned of this precautionary thought of all disillusioned fear of being and it should be your life goal to expand yourself in the happiness, the happy feeling after all.

In the delusion of your mind that happiness can be bought, can be evoked with material longings and belongings and even that happiness can be filled and felt with thrills life is all about the inner happiness as fuel, to feed that beautiful soul of yours to keep it going on its preset plan of being. The evolving route of its own seclusion… its path of being.

In the search, the expanding awakening of the soul, for happiness it will bring you down, back to its own feelings and in the discovery of your feelings, maybe hidden for decades or lifelong, you might experience quite an extra ordinary feeling when you open yourself up to this unexpected sensitivity.

Happiness… for all and for everyone. Felt into the deeper layers of being is the universal happiness what is necessary to maintain your soul into its happy radiance, on its happy foreseen path and in the illuminating forecast the universe had predicted for it. Happiness isn’t a gig nor a hype. It is a lifeform, an internal need, an universal nourishing compound of your sweet soul. So feed it with the happiness it longs for. The main question to this is to ask yourself… what makes you happy? Real happy inside? Make sure you fill your cup of happiness with feelings rather than materials. It is these feelings what drives your soul and not that material needs you think you need…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen