INTUITION: an almighty universal tool!


The enhanced you is the you wants to dive into your own feeds of being. You want to evolve, to learn, to dive in the maturity of your soul. Your soul growth is effortlessly the most important thing to live in the now and the then. The then and the now. Your unbelievable belief in yourself makes you expand, makes you evolve, makes you dive into your own prosperous ways of soul evolution. You are. Definitely you are. But are you? Are you so awake into your reality that your dare to face yourself, your true worthiness and live your own being into its own prosperous leads of being? Your higher self, the soul, wants to be driven by its own leads. The universal guidance of being. It is so clear. This is called the intuition. You are be lead, going to be led, the moment you choose to live your soul instead of living your mind for the universal path and not your ego mindly driven path.

You choose, can choose, every single moment of your own life to live your mind with its dwelling preference to nag into its own sorrow, pains and grief, its negativity or in the preoccupied dwellings of its thoughts. It has a preference to stick to negative sides of life or positivism is provoked, that real happy inner glorious feeling, with the mind. You higher self, the soul, is an existential part of your being and it can’t be ignored, it can’t be neglected and it can’t be overruled by the misty mind. Your mind can be ravigantly misty that it overshadows your own colored positive soul, its path and definitely what is meant for you in life.

You are here to evolve and to be led by the universal leads of being. THE INTUITION. The intuition is an outstanding, perfect, universal “instrument’, tool, to be leaded by. You do not need to think, to reflect, to search for answers. It is all there! Already there in the midst, in the core, of your own being. Your own humanly awareness determined by your precious soul. Your soul is an existential universal energy and can’t be measured in and with humanly standards of being. Your soul is. Your soul is existential eternal. No doubt about that! It is your mind who doubt, who gives you doubts whether which path to take, what to choose and even the lack of real knowledge of yourself, your own being, makes you feel (can make you feel) rather unhappy.

Happiness, dear souls, cannot ever, cannot be lived by that mind of yours! You think you can but this is a mindly utopia of its own. You are. Definitely. But are you? Ask yourself that in a moment of reflection on your inner self. Do you feel alive? That hidden sparkle of yours… does it show itself??? Or is it hidden behind all that layers, all that superficial pre-occupated settings of your own mind? That veiled, misty, mind of yours. Are you sleepwalking through life doing your thing, day in day out, without any joy, sparkle or even passion? Maybe that should be the moment to drawn you back into your own awareness.

Your self-consciousness makes you evidently more conscious about your own life, path and even where you stand in the moment of being. You are alive! Remember that when you feel yourself soaked, a supporting player in your own life movie or even life soap. You have to be aware in your own life story. You can’t be a sleepwalking head player in your own previsioned and star rated, universally star rated into universal the Light and Love, movie! You are in. The moment you set birth into your own movie. Soul movie. That is an universal fact too. Ask yourself firmly how can you possibly be the head player of your own soul movie without living it by and with your soul? That is unbelievable if you manage that. Your soul has a soul story board, an universal plan of being, what gives your soul the cadres of its own story. Your life story. You can’t live, that is universally impossible, this story, this beautiful evolvement issue story, with that humanly mind of yours.

Back to the features of your storyboard. You are only capable to read your own life instructions, by the soul, by reading your storyboard (that precious plan of yours) with the eyes of the soul. Your mind, excuse us to say so, is incapable to do that. You can only meet the eyes of your soul as you can look with the eyes of the soul. And that is really a challenge on itself. To be able to do this you have to beware of self, of the essence of who you are and live this essence of being with an open heart and soul. Only when you opened your heart, as seat of that predestined, precious, soul of yours, you are capable to read your own lines of your own story.

Seeing and reading with my soul you might ask? Is that possible? Yes, it is. It definitely is. You with your humanly vessel are supplied with an enormous chord, an energetical chord, to the universal energies. You are navigated by the universal energies and the many helpful light beings who surround you. That beautiness, called spirits, help you on your path, in life and with your evolvement within the cadres of your own unique soul plan. You are an unicity on your own. Always realize that. You are meant to grow, evolve and walk your path into the Light and Love of the universal energies. The more you lost your own rooted energetical chord, that profound universal line, you will shorten yourself so much. It will lose the connection. Not only with self but with the universal gatherings of energies too.

Life is meant to connect and in the connection, the openness with self, you will find your leads. The universal input for your unique plan, unicity and talented revealment into the earth fields. You are in. The main question is are you aware that you live, you are the head player, director and navigator in your own live movie? In the awareness lies the beginning. The beginning, the voyage or process, to a more satisfying life-fulfillment. You are so eager to live yourself but you hardly forget you are alive and you let yourself be constantly driven by your mind. Open up, sweet soul, and let us, the universal energies and the continuing universal help, in. You have to meet yourself on soul level to be capable to read your own storyboard.

Start opening up by feeling! Feeling gives awareness and in this consciousness of being you start, are able to embrace your higher self, the soul, the more and the more. Your intuitive leads bring you home to your own inner rooting and this expanding, this expands itself towards the universal energies. Home sweet home and the more you are willing and capable to feel into your own ‘homie of being’, that sweet essence of you (truly aligned and connected with the universal energies) the more you will be transferred and transformed into your original universal settings. In the feeling, in the stillness, the evoked silence (that is why meditating is really a contribution to this process of being. Towards the inner self) you will meet yourself, feel yourself and see yourself in your own prosperous being. On soul level. In this inner ‘sun embracing’ moments you are able to feel what is good for you, what suits you and your existential being and what may contribute to your path of life, happiness and the potential of your own unicity.

Feeling, to start feeling, into your own awareness gives you an opening, an openness, to the universal leads of being. The universal guidance, as voice of your heart and soul, to your own humanly being. You can actually meet yourself on soul level and that is such a beautiful reliance of your own being. As the first input, the universal input (without the contribution of the mind. Your humanly mind) is the most truthful energetical input you can receive, can experience and can rely on. This is always a positive feeling. A knowing. You know. Clear. Directly without the interference of your humanly mind. You have to (be aware to) keep the mind off. It is an universal fact that you can’t drive your soul into its own inner prosperity with your human mind. Except of it lacks the universal input it even as no clou what it is dealing with. You might think you can instruct, live or carry your soul with your humanly narrow thinking mind, but it isn’t. Intuition, the intuitive leads, can never be influenced, be provoked and even slightened by that humanly mind of yours!

Intuition. What a beautiful tool! It has to be lived to sweeten your being up, to direct your being and to play the head part in your own life movie. It is a five star movie. Whatever you live… although it can be harsh and painful (by occasions) perhaps… it is your life. It is your movie. It are your soul lessons meant to evolve to a higher state, the higher state of being called soul enlightenment, into your own pre-fasten settings of being. Soul evolution. How beautiful. Intuition is your tool. Use it. Use it wisely and live, try to live, your life happily, as it is meant to be and set your soul free by keeping the mind of… Good luck. Intuition. Don’t forget the word, use the tool and head up, go heading up, to a more life fullfilling contribution to the greater whole… An almighty tool, isn’t it???

Love, Irmgard🌟