Inner fire called passion

The sequenced way being prophesied isn’t something what is just for a few of us. Being foreseen in your unique self is highly possible and rewardable for everyone. Everything what is intended, evoked and lived by the heart and the soul might have a luscious outcome as this proper input, the passion of within, will influence, will be impassioned and will determine your motivation.

Real passion comes from the inside. That almighty inner sparkle to show your unique gifts to the world isn’t something what you can evoke with the mind. That has to be felt in your inner self and your internal fire, the inner sparkling fire-work, has to come out. It is like a steaming heat volcano with its inner magma what is searching its way out to the surface. This internal push, the fire flow of within is something what can’t be measured and never can’t be lived, learned or showed to the outer world by the mind and its thoughts, ideas or strive.

There are likely occasions that some souls might have no clou whether they have passion or don’t know what their passion is. You impossible cannot figure out what this inner fire, the rush within, means as you never have felt it before. The moment when your inner volcano (soul) volcano starts steaming and pushing you will definitely feel this. As feeling is your indicator. So are your dreams.

Dreams are mostly on forehand the lead towards your inner burning fire as the moment you have a dream or dreams there is something you rather like to do than you might use to do. When dreams are chased and the inner fire starts burning, perhaps the more and the more, you finally might feel that lead. The art of soul living is to be pushed forward into this feeling, this intuitive path, and you might be pulled over to follow the glowing coal into your heart.

As real fire concerns… fire needs to be burning to give that glow. To give that light. In the forgetfulness to nurture your inner self into its needs you might extinguish your inner burning energetic bulb into its radiance. To keep on feeling your passion it is likely that you feed yourself with, even challenges, everything what keeps your sparkling core going.

Passion will find its way. All along. Even when you might give up on your passion as you might feel is this it, why does it not show itself in chances, meeting’s or maybe an income just be aware of the fact that every fulfillment, life fulfillment, has its own time of showing. Perhaps you need to be more skilled in your own prophesied being or you might be unleashed of other burdens what keep you small, down or not confident enough to enter the stage of your inner passion. Every unique soul has its own divine timing to step forward in its needs, in its passion and in its unique way.

Perhaps you might not feel yet what is out there for you. More properly said what is felt inside. In your heart and soul to be investigated. A good start hereby is to understand that nothing can make your passion. You are your own passionate meaning of life and although you might be influenced by others, ideas or what all might be… always realize that passion has to be felt. A great tool might be to ask yourself whether whatever you do, live or give to the world DOES IT MAKE YOU HAPPY? Otherwise said DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO? Or DO YOU WHAT YOU LOVE?

The question is yours, the outcome too. You are your best indicator when it concerns your feelings. Nobody else can, shouldn’t or won’t. You are the master of your unique soul, its plan and your unicity. Take your time! There is nothing so limiting to put your soul fire, that unstoppable passion, into cadres of time. Universal processes, soul processes, never can’t and shouldn’t be limited in our earthly time schedules, clocks nor time plannings.

Be a pioneer into your own soulfulness and start feeling that passion. If you don’t yet, navigate on behalf of that inner longing and push and don’t walk away when you are challenged to grow into your own prophecy of being…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen