I finally understand life…

It took many deeping processes in the mirorring concept of being to start feeling what it is like to be alive, to be conscious in the present moment and to start to wonder what life is about.

Meanwhile unleashing my highest potential. Now I understand that I am the drop in the field, making progress by unrevealing my authentic self and that I am in the working field to touch others with the light in my soul.

I do not match my desires but I am adequate in following the leads of my heart & soul by their voice: the intuition.

It is rather plane what I live. But that is okay. I am okay. And that is all about what I had to find out to take the next step. As there is always a next step to make. In prosperous outcome, in the prophesied and foreseen path of the soul.

I am meaningless convinced that we all are drops in the field, there is no hierarchy, no one is chosen (the chosen one) and being working in favor of the soulself is an egoless efort…

Love, Irmgard