I create what I send out


Truly said, I am the creator of my life. In the loving outburst of last days I realized myself that when I create the reality of love by my heart and soul, lived by those two as well, this will have its impact on others. The convincing belief of last years in a nutshell.

Even a glimpse of love is one and will be seen. As I was really, really exhausted (still conquering my burnout) I fulfilled my ‘duty’ as wife, mother and daughter in law, without any hesitation. After all it wasn’t a duty at all as I am the creator of what I live and in the loving contributions of all family members I spend my Christmas with my wish list of love was fully given. In the meanwhile I was the same spender of love as well. Like I always, unconsciously and consciously, try to do.
All what I send out is not my accomplishment. It is just like how I want to be. I resonate the song and the love of my soul and that is all what I do. Fortunately I am the silent listener to my soul talk and even in the smallest whisperings I will find my way. Truly knowing that this is well. Good for my being too and in the loving outburst of last days I really got the impression that what one soul spreads, what it sows, it will harvest someday.
After my, rather book worthy, life with all that dales (and peaks) I invite the abundance more often. Singing my particular soul song harder than ever before but now with the focus on self as no one can serve better than serving her or himself first. Committed to self-love I try to spread all that soul goodies not all at once -like I used to do- and make more room for self at least. Creating into knowing that self-love is and always will be the basis to spread all what lives inside, soul based, out.
I create in prosperity, soul prosperity. In receiving what is mine. Not in material goodies but in abundance, chances, possibilities and to be cherished with the love of others. Like by my mother in law. Making our Christmas so special as she put her love in a fancy dish, tongue melting amuses and more. Besides the diner plate I found a box of fine Christmas chocolates too. And as my parents who give me always the warm welcome I need and a warm gift of my dad for my help, recently.
When all comes together I feel that I am on my way. I create what I will send out and I am mastering my life. My choice is that I create it, master it, with my soul and I am rowing my vessel, my boat, very well indeed…
Love, Irmgard🙏
By Irmgard Daanen