I am on the move. Soul move

Expectedly soul driven, unexpectedly mindlessly free, I was urged to leave my comforted zone again to get a grip back on my singularity, my life and path. I was hidden in the foreseen prosperity of my soul by launching myself on a business area and therefore I was not able to expand as foreseen. This almighty setback was although all arranged by the universal wealth of soul growth and therefore I was urged to stay approximately more time, earthly time, as secluded, to an area what was best for my soul, for my soul growth and expanding matters but nothing more for my human kind.

I moved for four weeks now and this movement was all on behalf of my soul, its prosperity and my humanly well-being as the business area, the staying there, made me sick. In the quality of my life I have grown but it was not an easy process to obtain the growing exclusivity of my soul. Of my unicity. In the expanding growth there is never the question does it suit my humanly being but rather, an almighty given lead, does it suit my soul?

From a busy surrounding I am launched into the woods. As my heart has chosen and my soul gave me the leads. What the outcome might be, is always a guess as long as I follow my soul but the universe probably knows best. The probably is my humanly mind who expressed this. I don’t know where my path is going and that is okay. I won’t trouble my mind with the expecting, with the guessing neither the longing to get a grip, control on the knowing.

As long I keep my humanly mind off, the universal wealth will go beyond and lead me the way as it does, foresees and knows. I will trust on that, keep my limited mind off and don’t put any expectations or longings or whatever on this guidance.

I let go my fears, my control and my earthly possessions for so far they do not contribute to my soul, path and its outcome anymore. As the material weighted and weights me down I managed to get rid of many possessions during my movement. I won’t grow sufficiently when I am overwhelmed, cluttered with goods and stuff what won’t contribute to my soul and its expanding. I am on the move, my process of self-suffocation has come to an end but letting go of my fears, partly my possessions and I can pronounce, declare that it gives me room. Clarity too.

In the charity what went along with the decluttering gave not only more room, a deeper satisfaction and heart warmth than I ever could have foreseen. I am moving, I am letting go, I trust and surrender. I am now what I am and what I might be…

Love, Irmgard