I am Mrs. Universe and I want world peace!

I have my own wish
Inspired by the universe
You better start with something, isn’t it?
As I was lying in my bed in the middle of the night
I heard just out of the blue these words
“I am Mrs. Universe I want world peace!”
I thought instantly what is that for an ego wish..!
But as I reflect on this, focussing again and again
It was definitely not me saying this
Well I adore Love, loving things and loving sweetness
That is for sure
But to proclaim such words that is far out of my limit
Nevertheless I want to share them
As the universe, “Mrs. Universe” (the universe), wants to say
That it wants LOVE!!!
A loving universe for everyone
Carried by Love
Carried by peace
And it all starts with world peace
World peace starts with…
Inner peace!
Self-love, self-reflection and mildness
Towards self, towards others
How beautiful is that…!
Love, Irmgard❤️