I am love. We are love. All is love

In the reflection of my inner self, I have found myself. In the reflection of the inner light I saw the reflection of myself. In this introspective benevolence of being my authentic loving core was exposed so I can now fully say I am okay with myself. I embrace my being. With its dualistic sides, the dark sides of being, but also the flowery, talented, unique sea of ​​possibilities that I carry within me.

I am no longer dependent on my mind, I no longer want to rely on my mind with its dark, negative predictions, being and inability to connect in life with my inner, universal self. I am done with its fears, its dictation and I fully realize that I no longer want to live my human being but my universal self.

My universal data is in my soul and in my soul I have discovered my soul being, my soul bliss and soul potential. So that I am. Can be. One with self. In the connection with my universal self I feel where I can go. Who resonates with my soul self, soul mission and soul being.

It is an intense path. The path of the soul. I realize, this is an inner feeling, I am never ready. In the evolving core of myself there are quite a few steps to take, so much to learn (the universal lessons) in order to come to wholeness. I am in the now. Then, I am. For I am my authentic being, I have embraced my authenticity and in this uniqueness I will continue.

Everything that is needed will come to me. What I need to take (rapidly) steps on the path of the soul. In gratitude for the synchronicities, universal arranged coincidences, even more will be fulfilled. A soul heart that is fulfilled in its uniqueness can only blossom when it is carried by the universe. The universal good. Carried by the plan of love. Everyone’s plan in oblivion of being.

I am love. We are love. In the inclusiveness of this love, love will carry me. Love will carry us. I am light. We are light. In the inclusiveness of the light, the light will carry me. The light carry us. I am one with the light and love. We are one with the light and the love. The light and love are nourished from the source. The love and the light. Embrace your own love. Embrace your own light. This is your existence, your security of existence and your ultimate connection with the universal light. With the universal love…

Love, Irmgard