I am an empath and so much more

I am in the midst of something that is called the hypersensitiveness of my being. As this is a fact whole of my life just this is the moment to feel that every step I have to make is based on this hypersensitiveness. As the overwhelming aspect of life itself can be tremendously exhausting, draining and makes you feel imbalanced. I feel that it is necessary to take a good care of self.

The complete forgetfulness of my hypersensitivity for, not knowing into awareness, there is nothing or nobody to blame even not myself as I just didn’t realize that the overwhelming aspect of life wasn’t due to my very occupied life. Neither on that stigmatizing label I got when my hypersensitiveness draw me completely inside. Vanishing and escaping in a more beautiful world than there is outside. Overwhelmed and often overstimulated by life itself. This is a huge lack of the psychiatric diagnostic system that there is not a label like being “highly attuned, mediumistic and being telepathic too” with every creature around variating from mankind to nature itself.

The world of nowadays wasn’t ready for so far for all that beautiful souls who are so highly aligned to the universal wealth of energy and their providence to attune direct into source itself. As the number of these pure souls is rapidly increasing ‘by nature’ itself there is nothing so outdated as mankind itself. It runs behind with its labeling & stigmatizing industry called the psychiatric meaning of labeling and putting humanly souls into boxes.

Most of these rather universal than humanly souls (don’t misunderstand this. Every soul is universal and energetical supplied by the universal energies) are likely be seen, and that is my experience only, as the black sheep, the awkward, the misunderstanding people, the ones who are withdrawn in their own world. The world of being attuned into ‘nothingness’ being into wholeness, the world of the unseen, the unknown and rather the world most of us do not feel.

I am not speaking for others, I can only memorize, feel and tell you about my own experiences. The more I grew and understood myself, the inner connection grew too. In this alignment with self my mediumicity enrolled itself and I learned to deal with this universality of being. Being highly attuned to everything around me and most of all with the universal energies. I don’t need to be labeled, I am not ‘a fool’ when I meet elementals, feel what trees might whisper and when I see extra-terrestrials. Nothing surprises me anymore. It is all around us.

So, concluding: I am not a black sheep nor stupid or whatever. I studied law and wanted to be a solicitor or notary. Life decided otherwise. Pointing out to a (soul) path and to experiences I never could have foreseen. Me, I am just a soul who is empathic, hypersensitive and is able to write on behalf of what there is whispered to me in the energetic cord and wealth there is all around us. This means that this capacity, some say talent but that is too big, has to be nurtured. Taking a good care for myself being drained so easily and so intense.

By sharing my experiences I hope that life might be easier for you than mine for so far. If you see for the first time a gnome, an impf or an extra-terrestrial… greet them, show them your respect and just know you are able to see beyond the veil of our dimension. You attune into worlds that exist near us. You meet souls who live besides us. You are aligned so well with your higher frequency cord, your antenna, that you resonate with these pure souls. How awesomely beautiful! Take a good care of self too…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen