I am an attuned soul (and received the text below…)

I am a hierophant. A mystery of its own. I am here and I am there. I connect with the highest realms and I connect with the lowest energies. I am aware of my sequences and in between I try to live. To live my foreseen life, path and mission.

I am not seclusive. I do not stand on my own. As we are all interwoven, connected my abilities are reinforced, empowered and influenced by my connections. We are all one family and the soul family what is able to transform my energy into actions will come in and out or stay.

I am frequented by the holy energy of the universe and that energy is sourced and empowered by the holy well of All. I am a child of the universe and I am able to transform my actions into soul deeds, touch other lives and make it possible to transform all what exists into their highest good.

My hands are not tight anymore but I am able to start actions on behalf of my soul self, soul life and soul mission. I am about to start my soul mission for the highest good. The good of Al(l). I am a server, my name is service and I am able to serve through, by and with this source of love and light. I am. I am me. That is okay. Amen

Love, Irmgard