Hypersensitiveness as a signal to withdraw yourself for a while

Hypersensitiveness is a feeling, an inner overwhelming, outgoing release of the built in tenses you probably gathered through your life. In fact we all have a hypersensitive nature and one is about to forget its natural groundings and in this forgetfulness lies the upgoing and formatting stream of the release of the inner stream of wealth.

All is set to be tranquil processing in the needs and supernatural capabilities of your soul but once you have built in so much tension, in the heart of all things what happened in this or another lives you might forget that your heart as loving seat for your soul might have a build in mechanism to cope with tension of the nerves, tension of life and perhaps tension of the capabilities of your soul too.

Be devotedly caring for you heart and soul as this chambre of love and light might be overwhelmed quite some time and as you feel an enormous inner excitement that you are about to forget to relax and take steps on behalf of yourself.

Be miscellaneous when it concerns your own health and even you are withdrawn for a while to set up and clear the inner hosting space for your soul you might better get some rest before anything else. When your hypersensitive nerves are stretched and you have to go on hold do not be challenged by that same life, soul push or anything what distresses you on the moment. In fact when you feel exhausted and drained by all your processes it is a fine step to take some self-care and withhold yourself for a while.

Nothing to loose and everything to build. You are not about to loose anything when you choose wisely by the heart, for your heart and well-being. That is not at stake. You might better take some steps on behalf of that same self to get some rest, help or anything what might take the tension, the stress away. Nothing is to be hidden anymore and even in stressful times you are allowed to take care for self and relax for a while as the hypertension of your being needs some destress…

Love, Irmgard