Who doesn’t want to be happy, to live the happiness, being a HAPPY SOUL? By doing what makes your heart and soul sparkle. By living your authentic means, highest potential and passion. Love what you do, do what you love…

But are you actually doing that? Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself whether you are really happy. Feel it! I do not mean superficial happiness nor material happiness. No, true happiness that reaches into the depth of your heart & soul and will be felt, experienced and lived on that level. That your essence is happy. That you are happy with yourself, you live your pureness and you use your authenticity to do what makes you joyful, what gives you that sparkle inside and you are eager to share this inner (loving) light as much as possible. That the uniqueness of your soul becomes your ‘life purpose’. You know yourself, you give yourself the respect, worthiness and love that you ‘deserve’ and you are okay with yourself. Magnificent. Really!

Although, are you living like that? Or are you walking along in the ‘earthly rat race’ and are you ready for a ‘wake-up call’ to shake you up? If you have answered in the affirmative, I especially invite you to look further on my site.

I am in training (evolving) as a humanly soul, medium, writer and soul artist (a creative bee) and because I have taken my wake-up call very seriously & managed to open my heart. Since then I follow my soul (my intuition knows the way) and that has set me to writing, brought me to mediumship, to making art and I am able to receive beautiful channelings (through automatic writing). And you know what? My life makes surprising turns every time because I take the universal challenge, jump and land in total trust, surrender and believe that all is foreseen. Prophesied by the universal means of my plan and contract too. Helped by the universe. All for the best. Soul best. I certainly managed to overcome my fears and dare to leave my comfort zone. Again and again. Life only gets better. And more beautiful. The sun is starting to shine! My inner sun. And good too. That is interesting anyway. That is my wish for every soul.

Everyone should be (internally) happy!

Doing what you (by your heart & soul) love to do. Doing what you love. I would like to share my insights, positivism, (soul)passion by my mediumship, the channelings that I am allowed to receive, but also by my Facebook pages & websites.

Personally I really believe (as I experienced it) that you can become happier by living your soul, making your soul happier to live its means, potential and passion. Try to make your soul happy. Because a happy soul blooms, shines & sparkles. Touch others with your dashing light and your loving inner beautiness. Let’s make the our dimensional globe a better place to reside, to feel and to be…

Love, Irmgard