Healing starts with self-awareness…

Your healing process of being always starts with acceptance, with surrender to what is, in the moment and with forgiveness. Forgiving self. In self-consciousness. Not that you have to blame yourself that is not and will never be the issue here and is not the submerged necessity of healing. It is all about your healing process, healing futurized moments and healing abilities to start with these basic settings to memorize in the momentized you.
Feel what suits you and what helps you on your path. Take your time to take steps into the prosperity of self, the soul self, and just know that it is and never will be about time. Not now, never! As the process of healing is an immense clean up of your soul, its pains, past and perhaps deep wounds.
This smoothening of yourself needs its healing time and that means universal time. This is another time setting and measurement than our known clocks and its time.
Let yourself be helped. Healing is not about doing it all alone. Even when you are lonesome, misunderstood or feeling disconnected with self, and/or your surroundings, just be aware that we are all connected and it is not something to be ashamed for to ask for help or reach out to others to let yourself be carried in these processes.
Yes, you can do this! You are capable, strong and rooted in the loving energies to make a move, to take the necessary steps and to sweeten your being up by your own healing. Make room into your sweet core to fill it with happier, more loving and beautiful things.
Love, Irmgard✨🌟✨
By Irmgard Daanen