Healing between the fractures of (soul) family and blood relatives

In the outer receptive outbound structures of family, soul family, and the earthly composed family related in blood and family lines there is a great distinction between those two when you see life out of the perspective of the soul. In fact we are all related and in the settings of the soul there is a particular combined effortlessly belief that all what you have to learn, all with who you have to learn, is all preprogrammed. In the preprogrammed state of the soul, particular souls, there is an almighty structure, no hierarchy!, of lines between the souls and the blood veins. There is no such thing as family karma as there are no blood lines involved, no shared DNA (also soul DNA) and no shared familiarity into the outbound lives of all participants.
A family can experience, has to deal with, family karma when there are matters non resolved between the strings, energy strings of the concerned souls. Before you all set birth all concerned souls agreed about this and once you are all landed in the dusty fields of earth there is a common plan of working out, all detailed, into the particular universal plans of each. The dynamic of family karma can by inherited for generations and generations and only when the divine moment is there it can be itched on the surface, can be dripping into your lives when matters need attention or resolvement.
Beside each plan of each concerned soul there is a similarity in the family about one or several topics. It is the responsibility of each soul to clean and heal its own soul pain of this familiar itching painful (traumatic) family issue and once the universe has put you all on the universal agenda its time, earthly time, to take these moments to get your souls relieved of the pains of the past. Emotional issues, traumatic issues… a whole family dynamics can be surpressed, influenced and be submerged by the trauma’s or rendered dilemma’s, read pains, of early combined lives.
In the shameful reality of this family dynamics all is about to change when things start to emerge and indulge from the past and there is no other way to face the facts. In the vulnerability of all souls and the humanly willingnessly of all concerned parties there can be a tremendously healing take place when people actually stand for their own, their own pains and their own role and contribution. There is in such cases nothing to hide anymore and once you set foot in the family healing roller coaster there is no way back only with the universal goal to heal the pains of the past, to clear the souls and learn for the evolvement of the souls.
Don not be afraid to show your vulnerability once you stepped in that dynamical universal roller coaster to clear things and to sort things out. All will be easier when you take the responsibility for your part, your role and your own pains and its feeling deeply inside. Healing is feeling and make sure you take time to step back in resemblance and to forgive not only all but always start with self. No matter what happened take responsibility for your role, actions and deeds and make sure you dedicatedly step forward to ease not only your soul but all souls concerned. The fractured belief of anything is possible as long as you let your soul do the work, take the lead and let it be in charge of this tremendously uplifting, family lifting and resolving, state of being…
Love, Irmgard💜
Irmgard Daanen