Have a heartful day

In a comment under an article I recently wrote I read whether I use my head or embrace my pain.???? I was a bit worried about such a comment as the words apparently weren’t addressed quite right.
It certainly is a great challenge to do both: use my head and embrace my pains. As I preferenced and used to do both on the exact time it is quite a challenge, each day again, to leave old habits. But it isn’t quite that simple anymore like using the head and being soaked into old pains as you once walk the path of the soul.
Once you navigate on behalf of the soul it is the most likeable that you follow the leads of your heart, its intentions and its feelings. Of course there is always the mind present and even those (old) pains might carry you along but there is nothing so satisfying to leave this old patterns behind and live your soul instead of the mind and its pains. (And fears, negative emotions and so on).
We can’t have seen all together the light and that is a fact and putting such a remark under one of my articles that is not mines but just a remembrance of one of those souls who hasn’t be been awaken in their own truth. As living your heart is a choice and it will ever be… when it concerns your inner growth make sure you follow your heart instead of your mind and its pains.
You will be challenged, that’s how the universe works, but stick on your truth, your inner wealth and its navigation capabilities and do not be misled by those who have not seen the light yet and stick to their minds or their old pains…
Have a heartful day! Love, Irmgard