Happy soul searching

What was your dream
As a little kid?
And an adult?
What is the true reason
You DO not
Follow this dream?
The path of your soul?
Your TRUE destination?
The truth will
Always reveal itself
Over… And over again until
You find your
Inner truth
And know the way


Look inside your heart
What does it say?
Does it feel you are
On the right track?
Feel deeply inside
And listen to
That little voice
What is saying
Louder and louder
Again and again
To follow
Your dreams
The path of the soul
Meet the blueprint
Of the real you

What is your excuse
To set the plan
Of your soul aside?
And live your life
Opening your heart
Without searching
What your soul wants?
What is your excuse
To ignore the voice
Of your heart
To let your dreams
Just stay…
In the meanwhile
Life goes on…

Open your heart
Listen carefully
What is the essence
Of your life?
The plan of your soul?
Are you truly
Happy living
Your precious life
Just the way
You do now?
Or maybe
You should
Follow your dreams
And use your talents
Your unique capacities
To make a tribute
To a more
Beautiful world

Open your heart
Feel the love
Use your talents
To open hearts
Of others
Find more
And love
With an opened
What knows the way
Discover your inner truth
Be true to yourself
And authentic
Find the path
Of the soul

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen