Groovy soul

We all have a ‘groovy’ soul
In life we play our own role
Whenever you are straight or gay
Universally seen: it never minds and it is all okay
Whatever you live or are
We come all from a star

Gently going
Lovingly sowing
In the evolving state
Be my sister, be my mate
All unique in our own kind
Be just utterly yourself, do you mind?

We are all on our singular path
Get moving, do not think life is math
Everything is about feeling
Without limitations or ceiling
Be miscellaneous where you strive for
Be ‘soulish’, be love, be lovingly… just adore

Never a day spoiled in the evolutionary ride
Pull yourself together and follow with pride
Take your intuition and its leads by the hand
Step in to the universal wonder and magic land
Be surprised whatever process you walk among the stars
Just be yourself, essential self without restrains or bars

Flow like the wind and do not seek a storm
Be like a tree, root fiercely in its arms and dorm
Steady rooted into the dusty earthly grounds
Feel the fire within that is what counts
Be like a river carried by its water
That is what you should gather…

Love, Irmgard