Give it a go!

The outer accomplishment of being can be momently very restricted, withdrawn and not shown, not seen and not be lived, possibly said, but all what remains inside stays the same.
This particular stage of your life, these moments that we are all withdrawn to self and fastened in our settings, longings and even desirable dreams too is all put on hold. Rather said and that is sure what we believe that this temporarily humanly (arranged) hiccup is to set you back on your feet. Your essential feet. Your essential rooting. You might perhaps think that this time of setback holds you in its grip, makes you unbelievable desirable and longing for the life you had but isn’t it so that you are now invited by the universe do it otherwise, to make a change internally seen with those reflections on your outer life?
This time of reflectionary setbacks isn’t meant to tease you, to bring you off your feet after all or to make your life miserable. These moments of regathered stillness, of occupied less working ethics and readjusted humanly scheme’s, structures and full agenda’s is to invite you to get you acquainted with self again. You are invited by the universe to take action by listening to your inner self, your higher conscious and your soul to dive deeper on a level you might not have experienced before. Give it a go and we foresee quite a change into your lives once you step back and seek the inner feeling and let you be guided by the will of feeling instead by the will of the dominant mind.
Dare to put your mind on hold and seek the wisdom to revolve your further lives into the retrospection of the unrevealed self. The essential self. Feel what is deep inside yourself and get a grip on those inner feelings by living them outer wards. You are meant to be a happy soul not a soul who declines to feel itself on soul level, on the subconscious level and on the forgotten parts levels of that childish inner longing to live itself, its dreams and its futurized plan of the soul. It can be quite a challenge to let go of the old and to embrace those newer parts of self, driven by the inner feeling of that restricted self at the first place. Get a grip on those inner desires, dreams and get along with life. Maybe the universe ‘forces’ you to do it otherwise but always know that it is for the best. Your best. Soul best.
Love, Irmgard
By Irmgard Daanen