Generation(s) of awakening(s)

Your singularity does not stand on its own. We are all interwoven with each other. In strings of love. In strings of light. The highways of the universe only streams the energy of love and light when it is directly empowered by the great well of the universe. The source of Al(l).

The great well of all, the source of all life, beings and (universal) energy is one big vast component of the universe. All around is unsprouted of this great internal collapse of light and love. As one major collapse can go outbound also the universe has moments, places of collapsing inside.

The greatest collapse of you humanly souls lies in the collapsing inwards to meet the prosperity, wellbeing and source full energy what carries your humanly body. It consists of the components love and light and therefore it is highly navigated, empowered and fed by the universal wealth as the strings, the connection, is never broken by your embodiment.

You are carried by your inner wealth, the universal energy, what carries you around. Many of you think it is the mind what drives you. In fact for most of you people you could say so but in fact it is the soul what is connected to the great well of love and light. Your mind never will, is not supplied and incapable to do so.

Soul living is the greatest effort of your humanly embodiment, the evolvement of your soul amongst the planetary regions of your earthly movement. Every step you take, every move you make, the jumping into the prosperity of your soul plan (and contract too when this suits you as well) is highly foreseen, recommended and influenced by the universal wealth. The common wealth of all carrying, loving energies there exist. In the out boundaries, the total encountering, of the universal energies.

The plan to make you aware of this outgoing, forthcoming, energy is called The Great Plan of Love and is highly set now in the divine timing of all. You are awakening on masse and every single soul carries, follows and expands its inner blossoming wealth on the time what is set in the moment of now, in the moment of plans and contracts those timings what are scheduled long before you even existed. Existed in flesh in blood. In the embodiment what carries you around in your planetary grounds. Your dimensional, existential, truth.

It is the internal collapse, the awakening what drives you forward in the expanding, the exploring and evolvement of your soul, its potential and its highest good. You are only supposed to follow. To follow the leads of your heart and soul. As you are a soulful being the divine timing for most of you who are living in this generation or next generations are set on awakening. Awakening in your best possible potential: talents, capacities and soul passion.

Many of you are awakening and it goes fast, it goes plentiful and it goes on the way it is meant to be. Meant to be in your unicity, in your meaningful contribution. You with your heartful soul and soulful heart. You are made to contribute to the greater good, in its wealthiness and in its shininess. You are an illuminating star. Walking on two legs with a heart that bounces and wants to expand in its soulfulness.

Awakening does not stand on its own. It is highly foreseen and supposed, as said, and is for the greater inner wealth but also for the common greater good. You are made to shine to touch others in their core and set their soul once and forever on fire. Its fireworks should be felt, seen and carried out each single moment of radiation, of connection and of high fidelity. You are a shining energetic bulb and your awakening does remind you of the fact that you have to illuminate, to light your inner fire and let that inner volcano, that magma what’s holds inside, to come out. You have star energy in your veins, heart and soul.

Show the world your luminous magic and beyond. You are a star born child of the universe. Not an earthly soul but an universal soul. You are beyond anything highly meant to be, carried and helped by the universe to find your almighty path, your dashing light and to move on behalf of your soul, its light and its highest potential meaning. To sprout out and shout out your seeds of love and to shine your dashing, radiant inner light. As the beloved soul you are.

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