Fundamental Love

In the everlasting search for Love
You search too hard
You search in the wrong direction
But the most: you shouldn’t search at all!

As all what you need is already inside
As in your beloved core is all what you need
The Love, the Light but also your eternal wisdom
Everything you seek or ever have searched for…
Resides already inside that beautiful soul of yours!

Love can’t be found! Never. It is there
Not only in your precious core
But also Love cannot be found
Because it cannot be searched

Pre assumed Love, envisioned Love
Is preplanned. Foreseen by the universe
How can you search this as the divine plans of being
Already know where to find this Love?

In the universal planning
We let it pass your path as soon as it’s time
Divine timing and that has nothing to do
With your earthly timing

You have to surrender to your path, to this Love
Stick on your path. Stay wherever you are
And when we foresee it’s time it will be time
Meanwhile focus on yourself, your path your life
And never forget that the complementary Love is perhaps on its way
But the real, basic, Love can always be found in your inner core…

Love, Irmgard????