Today I felt that I had to change the name of the MY HAPPY SOUL Facebook page. As this doesn’t match my work anymore. The reason is that I, last years, processed so deeply that I was most of the time quite depressed and I still have a burn out
I can’t impossibly spread what I do not feel & live for myself and as I feel that the sun is starting to shine and the horizon will be brighter I am aware in my awakening conceptual being, in my authentic self, that I am not happy all the times. That is an utopia and therefore it was time for a change.
SOUL-O-LOGIC is a more appropriate name as we might strive for inner happiness this is a state what is hardly to maintain. Although every happy feeling is felt by the heart & the soul this does not mean that we can glow, shine and sparkle (maybe on the exact moment all together) all the time. Day in, day out. Soul-o-logic: to remember, nurture and feed your soul. Living your soul is so logical & authentic meaningful…
Your happy soul is your highest good and that is always a strive to go for. In the here and the now. Keep on feeling and I hope under my new name that you keep on following, liking this page and embracing it.
Don’t forget: Happiness is a fluctant state of being. do not take your happy moments for granted but feel the tiny little nourishments, the happy moments and little things in life what make you happy…
Lots of love, Irmgard