Finding the inner, authentic happiness

The abundant belief of mankind is that we are ought to be happy, stay happy and set our standards on happiness and a happy (life-)fulfillment. It is always a good thing to set your mind, soul and body on happiness. In the positive thoughts might be the manifestation, the gratification and the abundant universal waterfall will cherish and cover you with the eternal bliss of its loving light and its illuminating love.

All well, you might think now but the bitter sweetness of life itself, the path of the soul and its compliances -the crawling and stepping forward and stepping back in that almighty universal roller coaster- can hit, touch or being experienced so deeply that its dazzling heights and peaks are changed and lived by ultimate downfall, retrogrades and unbelievable depths of being that the existential truth is to find the balance between those uttering states of being.

Learning moments and lessons come and go and in the dizzy making mixture of these deepening moments and heightened beliefs, uplifting energetic vibrational states and awakening further into consciousness… it is hard work. Very hard internal and external labor.

Processes come and go and I can’t predict that there is only happiness, love and light in life as I have experienced this myself the last nine years. These years were the most fascinating, multiplied, deepest periods of my life. All universally led and guided. In the most revealing times of all there is one thing I have dedicatedly learned that I am okay as I am. Softened my inner hardened heart with love, self-love and compassion and I just realize (read feel) that I only can be myself as I live conform this authentic, meaningful and connective self.

What you see, is what you get and that is what I can offer others, the world and everything and everybody what/who is contributing to my inner and outer world. To be honest; not all is euphoric, full of happiness when you start walking the path of the soul. I never worked so hard in my entire life being acquainted with the essential based and rooted authentic self. It is no sinecure living your soul, as I live and followed my soul, it is a deepening into (a)wakening. A conscious contributing, unstoppable process of connectiveness with the source of self. To get the wonder, the amazement in life back. Into pureness. With the heart and the soul.

The profound measurement is none. I walk my own unique path and you walk (or are about to walk) yours. The universe does not promise paradises, does not extend into easiness nor into an abundant overflow. The movement is yours and the only paradise there will be and will be shown is your inner Garden of Eden. To discover, unfold and rise into your ultimate euphoric means of being: soul growth. The only paradise you can shape is that authentic, soul based, ally. The alliance you commit to fulfill your life with soul passion, soul love and soul commitment of the best potential you.

The almighty good does not proclaim happiness as standard. Only when you come home by self, in the essence of your being, you will feel, understand and live the full contributive assessment of your discovering. And that… might (after all that hard internal labor) give you that happy feeling you always searched for, you always wanted (to live (by). As nothing can enlighten and uplift your being as much as the transformation you made, the transferic connection you achieved with the source based self and the pureness, the happy pureness, you are about to feel when all is processed.

As this is the never ending story of soul evolvement the ride goes on and on until you have reached the eternal enlightenment of being. As this is a long stretching voyage, that soul trip of yours, you better can stay in the now and feel the accomplishments you have made, are about to make or you intendedly will make on that divine timing, universal divine timing, of yours. Feel and live life by each moment. Moment by moment.

I am okay now, fine in my standardization and I am willing to expand into my soul voyage futter. This is not up to me. Everything I seek, will not be found. Anything what I wish, will not be emerged. In the stretch to the universe my will is nada and only when I wish by the heart and soul everything will be supplied what I need in the eye of the divine.

It is not my personal soul trip… it is one of the greater good. As drop of the universal almighty good and that is fine by me. I am just a drop. Dropping my universally guided texts, short lines, online articles, quotes and also drawings into the etheric sphere. The real happy feeling can be found inside now. The must do is replaced by a feeling of contributing whenever I want, with whom I want and the frequency isn’t compelling. Not even lower, higher, better or to be measured. It is mine. Fully authentic soul based mine… All what I send out with the heart and soul is unique and that is my happy standardization of being…

Love, Irmgard