Feeling between breaths

The impact nowadays on our security, on our beliefs and our freedom is a great concept what makes us daily unbelievable stand on our own feet by actualizing the meaning of life.

Isn’t it so that all happiness starts with the unbelievable idea of freedom, sharing your unique gift to the outer world? That dashing, radiant, sparkling contribution what lives and resides in yourself?

In this unsecure times of being, not knowing how this will come to an end the fortunate idea is that everything has always an ending. Even in the push to show our inner work, the unbelievable ‘soulicity ‘of ours what we carry in our heart & soul, is there to express itself. In the restricted areas of nowadays, the uncountable limitations what bind us all together as we are all in this together do not forget that, lies the withhold of each other to live this inner wealth, the happy sparkling push to expand and live yourself in your perhaps extravagant ways.

It is a time to reconsider, actually refeel, what is there to live for, to live by and do we stand for our souls or our minds? Do we let ourselves be ruled by others, the anxieties, the rules, or do we stand for ourself? Our soul self. Isn’t it that you are made to sparkle, shine and beyond anything else to spread your unicity in the earthly regions of being. To live, show and be your authentic, essential, unique, truthful you.

I feel stuck nowadays. In this world with all that limitations. I miss the connecting matters, the socialized life, the travelling. Meeting other cultures to feed myself. I miss even the courses although I do not need them anymore to be remembered of my spirituality, my rooting and in the recognition of this all I feel awfully stuck in this world what we currently share and live.

My soul is free, set in its own blueprint of being, totally free. The moment I set foot in my humanly vessel I had limitations, rules to live by, socialized standards and that mind of ours. All is dictated from the start but the momentized being of in this actualized living standards is stuck, is bond, is truly in forgetfulness when its cadres are not limited by the common wealth of the universe but by government rules, limitations on freedom and pointing fingers to those who actually feel that we are doing is wrong.

Actually, we live by our anxieties, by our minds, and more people are wondering if this is truly the best way to cope with these situations. I cannot accept where we are into now and the more I feel the sight of the rules, limitations and codes (checking my personal freedom zone) in my neck of being, I feel suppressed by those same rules, obligations and limited freedom of my soul expansion drift and the only thing I can do now is to stay grounded, to stay honest to myself and feel that inner bliss of being in the actual moment. Giving a smile a day as give away (texts too!) and knowing for sure that also this period will come to an end.

Keep on smiling! Do not feel obligated to follow your anxieties but on the other hand feel actually inside what you need to keep on going between not only the cadres of your unique plan and life but rather between those actual limitations, the boundaries, the rules set by others influencing our free will to live by, to experience and feelings. So, FEEL, really feel, inside yourself and keep on breathing! Feel what you want to live between those breaths…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen