Facebook blocked my account again!

I share to much!

Too much LOVE and LIGHT. I never thought that you can share too mucho Love and Light. But it is possible. I am of the air. As long as it concerns Facebook! But not for long I promise!

This also a reminder to myself that I work too hard. For almost three years I share non stop the words, I may receive as a mediumistic soul, on the internet. Mostly on Facebook. The fact that my account was blocked several times the last couple of months and now, for the second time in a short time, completely blocked this is a signal to my being to take it easy. At least for a while. My soul definitely needs some rest & other “life-issues” need more attention too. The universe isn’t the universe to arrange that for my soul. How awesome! The magic world of wonders is an unbelievable intelligent energetic motion… It keeps on amazing me.

So… I take rest. Except of the Angel Message. I find my ways to share these on the internet.

Never let your soul be stopped! Only to regain strenght, get insight and time to nurture your being.

Lots of Love, Irmgard❤️