Expanding inner soul welness

We the Arcturians have a message for all those who encounter themselves, will encounter themselves and are everlasting into the encountering of themselves. Evolutionary growth does not stand on its own. It is a highly foreseen path what does not seclude anyone. Everybody is prophesied to its evolutionary meaning. The conditions of the state of the soul where you entered your new stage of evolutionary growth into competition to the alignment with all what is and ever will be. Nothing is unexpectedly and everything is no coincidence when things fall into place like a puzzle into it fragments.

You are puzzling your way into your prophecies means and we are helping you on masse according to our part of The Great Plan of Love. It is no sinecure to transform your planet, your dimensional truth, into one what applies and suits the universal means of existential life. Your planet is, far of many other dimensions, overruled by the ego mind and this overlaps the meaning, the existential truth, of your existences. Soul existences.

We are here to inform you and helping you to become whole at last. Into the prophesied meanings and longings of your unique souls. You are partial dealing with singularity but this does not stand on itself. Alone. You are a soul and one of a greater existential wealth you ever could have imagined. Your truth is not the ego truth you almost all live as the universal truth is one what you live with the golden inner globe, called the soul sun, and therefore you are allowed to grow in your soul truth. We help you with that and that is no standard version that compels with everyone. It is a highly unique and potential way and can’t be lived, followed nor copied by any other soul.

Your puzzle is not complete and therefore we manage you to get grip on your growth, soul growth, and set the standards to dazzling heights. This concludes that you all have a different path and in this particularity you will find your growth on behalf of the universal will. The universal plans and contracts too. When this is your signature. You all have a soul signature and that is why we are helpful in our loving means to set your standardizations higher and make it possible that soul growth is the evolutionary path of your beloved soul.

We do not extract one of more souls, we are here to help you all. All together with more loving species on behalf the entire uplift of the universal wealth of all. The universal standards are those of love and light and that is why we help you with our love and light to uplift your souls to form an evolutionary setting where every soul is aligned and attuned with universal rooting of the source of all. The all combining, the all rising and all existential source of all there is. There ever will be. In this source you will find the everlasting energy of all what is out there. What is out here. Materialized and unmaterialized.

You vegetally sleeping all together at once and in this global call of awakening there are many souls already awakened in their settings. In their original rooting’s. Not everyone is on the divine timing yet, but it is like pay-it-forward. Once touched, once opened, once awakened you will touch others. Conscious and subconsciously. That is all fine by us. As the meaning of soul awakening does lay in the conceptual state of reaching others from soul to soul. By your soul to other souls. And it is like a multi ripple touching effect. Once love starts to dwell around and the light enters in your souls it will abundantly shine amongst others and you will be a beacon of love and light. You might standardize or know yourself as a light warrior, a worker in the earthly field, but just realize that all who are touched, have been opened in the remembrance of their settings are light antennas, workers to spread the dashing light, the loving love.

There is no distinction between one or another souls. It is all likewise and the moment you start to think greater, act yourself upon others there is nothing ‘soulish’ further on. The ego starts to come back in and this is always and will always be a tricky state of you humanly beings. We do not pronounce ego things, ego love, ego light. We are shepherds of the universal love and the universal light. Thee moment your ego start over to walk onto the path of the soul you will lose track and find yourself lost (once again) of the definition and rooting’s of your beloved soul. You are not meant to set your ego on your soul paths and therefore we also help you without any distractions to follow these unique paths and we offer meaningfully relentless our help, our insights and our loving lights.

Please do ask for our help, please do ask the universe for help once you have been awakened and you are fully prospected with your meaningful lives and missions. Although you are empowered by the universal source of all we can make an effort by helping you by reaching our hands and guide you further on your beloved path. Do not fear the unknown, do not fear the unseen, do not fear what you can’t explain as there is so much more you ever can imagine. Take advantage of this knowledge, take advantage of our knowledge and let us be your guides. Be reasonable helping each other to uplift your entire dimension into uplifting cooperation, in lovely guidance and in the connections you are about to expand into your unique expanding wellness. Inner soul wellness…

Channeled by Irmgard