Existential truth

The mythology of being, living the most extra-ordinary states, soul states, there are, is not a conception of the mind (it probably cannot imagine, replace its natural facts of how soul living conceptual takes place) but rather a conception of the soul. As it knows. It has lived quite and several existential life-forms before and probably many hereafter.

It is the mind who sets the boundaries, the limitations about soul knowledge, soul living and soul existentiality. It is not the humanly mind who is extracted into belief, soul belief. Your soul is. It knows, it feels, it remembers. The mind isn’t supplied with feelings, soul memories and does not proclaim eternal existentiality. Souls do.

It is quite a mystic way of believing, having faith in your existential truth. That you are not only born as a humanly soul but your souls existed, gathered in many, many life-forms. Materialized by vessels, dimensional vessels. Or by unmaterialized energetic vessels when the energetic state of being is all included and settled in the aura field without a tangible body nor vessel.

In the misunderstanding of soul reincarnation there is so much disbelief, misinterpretation and also a lack of eternal, universal, wisdom. Your mankind, we do not point fingers, are not essential binary as it concerns your humanly insight. Your insights are planetary flat and in the miscommunication of your mind self with the universal existential truth and belief lies the discrepancy.

You are not supplied by your mind means, ego means, but you should be driven by your souls. In de completion of your originate alignment with the universal energy you will be informed about the existentiality of your soul, your means and why it suffered and lived so much in its existence to become whole.

You are not what you think you are. You think you are human but the fact is that you’re an universal being. Highly aligned with yours soul source with Al(l) what is. The moment you start recognition your origins you will be informed, your soul will, about all its lives, life forms and existentiality.

It does not stand on its own. Your soul does not stand on its own. You are all interwoven in a binary concept of being, the universality of your souls and neither we as you can predict where you are heading to. We just have your cadres, plans and contracts and even this is the lead we are not super empowered to lead you the way in your mind settings. Only soul settings. We are the navigators of soul settings and therefore we can’t do much about the humanly thinking about life-forms, existentiality and extraterrestriality.

The proclamation of being that a soul who dives in one or another life-form is a fact using the vortexes and the highways of the universe to travel and to dive into. Your soul always has a plan, and maybe contract too, and in its plan/contract of being might be set that your next stage is in the universal compound of being. Living between the stars of extra-dimensional truth and therefore be open minded when it concerns your soul, it magic ways to transform from one energetic state to another energetic state and do know that your soul travels.

Your soul travels at day, at night, during sleep and everything what it has to be learned about this stage, dimensional state, or the next state, perhaps refreshing its memoires… it is its unique way to go. To travel. To expand its evolutionary illuminating core and its loving inburst. It is highly supplied with its own unique wings and way to expand in many, many ways. To transform into one energetic retrievement to another existentiality.

May be, you might be, so awaken that you already know this and you are aware that your soul travels, reincarnates and will do everything to enlarge its means, existentiality and evolutionary skills. To dive into its prosperity and prophesied means. It is all there, you are (your soul is) so supplied and well suited to the universal energies, settings and environment that it can launch itself to any corner, planetary state, dimensional grounds, extra-terrestrial surrounding there is.

Be awaken in this truth, existential truth, and realize that you are far more than that two legged materialized existentially in flesh and blood. The moment mankind starts realizing this, that your are beyond anything and everything a soul, the universe will acknowledge the means, the facts and the existentiality of further dimensions, dimensional life-forms and give insight in the pressing question: is there life out there?

It all starts with the belief, embracing myths, magic and mythology. Do know that all has already showed itself (off) but you are the one, you with your humanly minds, to distract yourself from the universality by believing, living and embracing your dimensional (mind) truth. As far as us concerns… it takes a while to feel your universality and for so long you will encounter and stay materialized in your findings, ways and convictions… about other life-forms, extra terrestriality and so much more…

Love, Irmgard