Essentially awaken

To be awaken
Into every corner, hook
It’s all it took

The carriage of being
Without noticing, seeing
Was there from the beginning
Now I opened it is sure winning

I am open to live myself fully
Authentic without bully
There is nothing to hide anymore
Without shame what I adore

No masquerade, no veil
Just me awesomely real
Peeled and driven to the source
One way without return or reimburse

Mirrored, saw something
Really glowing, amazing
It is called my soul
My evolutionary goal

I am on my way now to expand
Where it goes… unknown to nowhere land
It is not about the destination
It never will, without procrastination

Nothing is more important than the happiness
It can’t be felt with the mind, no more or less
I am on my path, step by step slowly going
No more struggling only sowing

Spreading seeds of love
All guided by the universe, above
Sharing my light
To feint away the dark at night

I am ready to go. To take the leap
Put the gear on. I won’t weep
Show me my potential, lovingly
It will be awesomely

Love, Irmgard