Energy leak

Taking time for being is no luxury, not a farfetched idyllic retrievement. It is a high sustainable contribution to yourself. Towards your life goal, achievement and treatment. Nothing is damn more contributing than your own inner nourishment. When you forget to feed your inner wealth it will be attempted to be leaked, to be wavery into the energetic blast of being. In the enormous give away show of yourself it can be devastating to your own pillars of being.

It can cause tiredness, a huge energy leak and most of all it can drain you like hell to get you impostered into your own existence. You can be so imbalanced because of the energy shortage that you are feeling extremely open, vulnerable and trembled too. It is a fact that whenever you learn to stand for your own, to take care of self you will be growing into your prosperous energetic space and that the substantial leak what is tiring you and makes you restless, imbalanced and depressed too, may be shrinked.

Although this sounds very simple it might be quite a challenge for those who are used to give themselves away and whose existential truth is about caring for others. It is quite simple to points fingers to those who suffer from an energy leak but you have to imagine that they are suffering because of others and will be drained as long as they do not take a good care of themselves.

Do not hesitate, always, to take steps on behalf of yourself and the nurturing concept of self, starts with the feeling, the belief that you are worthful in your existence to be taken care of. To take care of yourself. In the neglectance, the unforgotten and unspoken truth of self-neglecting preference you will be suffering of one and another and this is all personal ‘shit’ (read: matters).

It takes a leap, have faith in yourself in your truthful and worthful existential being to make steps in progress of yourself. This takes action, this take guts and this takes a matter of strenghteness you never have experienced for yourself before. And that is fine. Be okay with that. Feel what is living down inside yourself and how big your energetic leak is, however its wideness, you are about to change the moment you are experiencing and feeling this almighty gap in your aurographic field.

Do take your time to restore, to reset and readjust in your own needs of nourishment. You are one soul who counts too. In your unicity of being. Do please understand that everybody has its own sequences, its own time of being and personal processes and do not measure, complain, with others. You are truthfully worthful and your connected soul is one of many as all is connected. Your contribution counts always and that is exactly the reason why the universe take steps on behalf of your soul too…

Love, Irmgard