En y va. Moment of reflection – April 22th, 2023

The evocation is a fact.We are almost all on our way to a better me.There is no escape (anymore).More and more we are reflected, more and more we are confronted quicker with ourselves.No soul has a back guard, a reservation and souls want to live themselves.Now, here and then.There’s no such thing as just taking it easy.It is starting to feel your soul, live and experience it or not.

We are all apparently being pushed, maneuvered in one direction, and that is the side of self-awareness. Being self with yourself, with your own wonder and with your unique foundation of being. Nothing or no one will be spared. The path is one way and looking back doesn’t make sense because you may start feeling, letting go of what has hold you back, for so long, from letting yourself flourish.

All noses point in one direction. And that’s ahead. Without backup, without side roads and certainly without all that cargo. We may get rid of everything that we have been carrying around for eternity and that has held us back from taking the steps in the prophecy of our souls.

We are ready. One faster than the other. But hey, it’s not a competition. The soul, soul processes know no competitive urge, no hierarchical connections. We are all equal, all connected and the only thing that distinguishes us from others is the unique potential, the proportion of love and light that our souls carry within.

En y va! We’re going for it. We go en masse  into the depth with ourselves. That’s the purpose. It is been going on for a while but the real unraveling of it is on the universal agenda. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to consider yourself into the depths of being, to feel through and to get rid of all that which no longer serves you? I’m ready. You too?

Love, Irmgard