Emotional roller coaster

Do you also have the feeling
That you stepped into a roller coaster?
The roller coaster of your life
A roller coaster of great strength

You stepped into it
Without knowing it
It is ‘one hell of a ride’
One that you have never experienced before

Blindly and with confidence
You surrendered to your path
But in the meantime
Took the ride with you

Took you to high summits
Deep valleys and everything in between
Emotionally, a ride of mega size
You could never have imagined that

In terms of emotions, you have experienced every depth
Meanwhile, you were awakened
And the way to the heart and soul was released
The alarm bell went off. It was time for a change

If you experience something like that
And you get through ‘the universe’
Stuck in a rollercoaster path, as it were
The best you can do is to surrender to yourself

Surrender simplifies the process
It makes the energy more flowing
Let it happen. Let it be
On the way you remain judgment-free. Don’t think anything about it

If that’s going to happen
Will your roller coaster trolley take you off
In a place you have not seen before
But that will make many times happier

Do you dare?
To step blindly and with confidence
Into the universal route, our roller coaster
Your soul roller coaster?

Trust the universe
Trust your process
Trust your path, your ability and yourself
Take the ride that is meant for you

Love, Irmgard