Embrace your soul process!

Dive deep in the unknown
In the reflection of being
As in the reflectiveness
In the acquaintance with self
You will find the fullest glory
The most shining and radiant
Energetic life-form there is:
Your precious radiant soul!

This soul has a path
A shining path of progress
Of unfolding new things and opportunities
As your talents
The talented, unique you
Wants to show itself
In the most outstanding way there is:
Its uniqueness

Don’t hesitate to take steps
Don’t hesitate to make progress
As standing still is never an option
Not now. Not then
As soul processes
Are meant to dive into the deep
Perhaps it might be scary

It can be unrevealing
It might push you
Beyond your comforted zone
It will bring you
To the most beautiful path there is
The path of the soul
The path your soul can walk in full glory, dedication
And with a shining radiance

Love, Irmgard????