Don’t give up on your dream(s)

When you have a dream be devotedly true and dedicated to your dream. Nothing is impossible and everything what is meant to be is meant to be. Universally seen. In the actions you take on behalf of your soul, soul path and even your passion and dreams (forthcoming out your intentions, soul intentions), you will prosper the energy by every seed you plant.

Every planted seed is one what is capable to blossom. Even when you think something is impossible, seems impossible due to regulations, limitations or other blockades there might be a prosperous outcome as long as your intentions are pure, full of passion and devoted soul energy.

Nothing can block, limit, the processes of the outcome, the foreseen universal outcome than the thoughts, the convictions of your own (ego) mind. The moment there is only slightly doubt it is a reason for the universe, the energetic wealth, to postpone the outcome and perhaps change the original plan at all.

It is so worthy to stand behind your dream or dreams even when there is no vision on a prosperous outcome. Stay positive, stay grounded in your ideas and start making ideas to launch your dream(s) in one or another way.

There is not one way what leads to Rome and what way you choose it is all okay by us (read: the universe). Plant your seeds everywhere and one day one seed will start growing and blossom in its own particular way. It never is and never will be about the final outcome but the whole process of fulfilling your dreams is a learning process, with all its learning lessons included.

Never hesitate to follow your dream(s), its leads (intuitively narrated) and take steps on behalf of your soul passion, soul dream(s) and its final stage. As this stage never will be final. Because life is movement, fluctuating and a forming evolution process what stand on its own. It always will be your unique path, your unicity what proclaims and fulfills its personal dream. All driven by its intentions. Soul intentions.

Don’t give up, never give up on your dream(s). As one hiccup, one delay, doesn’t influence the foreseen outcome. It is always up to you to stay positive, take positive steps and sow that positive seeds. Be spectacular rising in your soul dream(s) and be open minded -now, then, ever- in its outcome. There is no universal deadline. Only one everlasting process what includes the outcome of your positive sown seeds…

Love, Irmgard