Do what makes your soul happy

Do what you always wanted to do
Use your talents, qualities and natural given capacities
Live your dreams. Use your full potential
Listen to your heart. The heart knows the path of your soul

Feel free and dance, keep on dancing
So that your inner child will be happy
Shake your hips, move that body
Loosen yourself up to maintain your inner freedom

Listen to music, play music
Reach that beautiful (high) notes
Take that higher frequency. Play for the stars
And be a happier person

Sing. Just sing and chant all your sorrows away
Vibrate, with your voice and a cheerful song
Your energy to a higher level
Sing like a beautiful bird to the universe. We will always listen

Go outside. See the beauty of all the nature around you
Unify yourself with the energy of the plants and animals
Their purity and pure love will surround you
Spend free time in the open air with all the natural beauty there is

Be optimistic and positive all the times. Just try to be
Your soul can fully open itself when you are happy
Glow from the inner side and sparkle the happiness around
How happier you as a human being are how greater your light and love will shine

Surround you with people who loves you. Just the way you are
In total respect, freedom with unconditional love
Because you are as good as you are
You are worthy. Whatever some people might say or do

Give yourself compliments
When was the last time you were nice to yourself?
Not with buying things
But in words and loving actions
Your soul wants that you are kind to yourself Always

Grow. Learn from life. Take all the sentences for granted
As the things life throwed at you weren’t easy. We know dear children
But all these painful situations and periods were necessary
As life lessons. See them as valuable learning moments to let your soul evolve

Love. Love yourself deeply. Love others
Connect yourself with your powerful source called the heart
Line yourself up and find that balance between your head and the heart
Fully aligned you will find your treasure within: your precious soul

Commit yourself in love
Live your life totally in love
Because love is all what counts. Love is all there is
Be the light and shine so brightly that your love is seen by others
So that you can spread the love around, to the people close to you

Please your soul with these matters. Live by the soul
Living by your soul means living by the love and light as you are
Use your God given potential. Find your path and start walking
So that you are completely aligned up with us The entire universe

Keep your soul happy greetings,