Do not be afraid…

Dear co-workers in the light, seeders of love,
You all with your exquisite light, that inner radiant bulb of love, connected with the alignment with the universe, the stars and the source of Al(l) are you meant to be? Meant to be as you are supposed to be? Aligned with self and with this self-alignation connected with the other. Without doubts, judgments and rejections? Are we not all meant to BE! Be self in the most and purest form that is. Putting yourself on a pedestal, driven by the ego mind and probably driven by all that counter effects and consequences of all that lives you lived and also this particular life in this energetical dimension of awareness with your humanly vessels. Are you so full of pain that you not only you put yourself on an almighty pedestal of the dominating ego or are you so willing to live that mind of yours and reluctant to set your soul the most of the time, when its suits your ego, apart?
That is not soul worker like and in the dwelling of your own pains, in your own pasts you put your humanly personality on top and before the soul in the occasions you might have been touched by a resonating soul or much likely you forget to feel that is was frequentially like and meant to touch you. Putting yourself on front, by precaution ‘feeling better’ is not soul worthy and we repeat this to you all to whom this does apply… don’t be afraid of your fellow co-workers. You are all working for the same cause, the same source and the same mission. The great plan of love. Therefore it isn’t quite loving and lovingly to set yourself apart in your quality of thinking, fed by that soul pains what lasts and driven by the anxious ego of yours that you need to compete.
You don’t need to compete, you don’t need to reject and you don’t need to point fingers to anyone and most of all: DO NOT BE AFRAID. Everybody has its mission and it is never and will never be about the quality of the ego things you carry out on your earthly work fields. On the contrary it is all what you put down with your beloved soul without feeling better or worse, without feeling anxious and without being withheld and withdrawn with that ego mind of yours in the strive to be the perfect worker, the most seen, or the BEST. There is NO SUCH THING. Souls work for souls, maybe your mission differ, nevertheless the service you offer, the way your serve, it is all to serve the greater good. Finally.
So don’t get lost in that pre-occupied mind of yours, do not judge and do not reject the other by rejection yourself. As that is the main clou, the reason why you are so afraid that somebody will ‘be better’ and this naughty dwelling of the mind, that presetting of yours, might be broken as you dive deeper into self and start revealing what drives you to act on such way. So once again, dear worker in the light, does ‘hierarchy’ and your pedestal drive you? Feel that. Feel deep where this comes from and share yourself more behind the soul and just know you are unique, like all other soul who carry their unicity along, and you only have one thing to remember when you work into the light and your light is driven by the personality of your humanly vessel you might spend some time to get solved why this needs room…
Channeled by Irmgard Daanen