Dimensional soul truth

Why are humans always so likely to set themselves above others? Consciously or unconsciously? We are all natural born and in the fact that we neither are better than the other the impact of yourself about that same self does certainly influence the quality of your thinking and the reflection of those thoughts on others.

I hear and read a lot about lightworkers, people who intend to work in the light. That is great indeed. But isn’t it so that we are all working with our lights on to illuminate others? Neither you are chosen, the one, the humanly saver, the planet guru who does the ‘great work’ to make our planet a better place to be and reside, that almighty chosen one who does save not only mankind, the planet but say… the whole universe! Amen!!!

The quality of your work does not say anything about what you think you are. The light thing is just a distraction where you are here for. Knowing that we are all born with a great light in our core otherwise you can’t exist in our dimensional surroundings to bring this to the world with your love, loving deeds and actions. Does this distinguish us from each other, does this make us ‘better’? The fact that you are serving your light to the greater whole… sure this does make a change. In the end as all drops come fall together.

It is our ego mind who sets us apart by thinking (us) in boxes, giving us labels and thinking we are ‘almighty’ (doing) better than others. We are all lights and even when you worship the dark, that is possible too, you are necessary as there is no light without darkness and no darkness without light. All is needed, all input is needed to make us aligned not only with self but with the balanced greater whole.

The universe is constantly finding and searching for this balance too. We are all set to work together, all connected, to lift our mankind up to a more loving environmental energy to live in. To breath love in and breath love out. As people are speaking about the third dimension, forth firth or fifth or more I always think what are they talking about? We are all energetical beings with a humanly vessel living in our own dimensional world around us… our aurographic fields.

What the heck does it say ‘counting dimensions’? As I may experience, feel in energy, all sorts of dimensions from angels to giants, from fairies to the spirit world and from extra-terrestrials to elemental life-forms who can speak about upgrading our dimensional state as we just begin on the humanly evolving stairs. Compared with these highly evolved life-forms. The real dimensional worlds are at your disposal, to experience them, as you start believing in this universal truth.

Excuse me saying this, as many of us doesn’t even know that they are a soul beyond everything why do we make a fuss about our dimensional state of being? The real dimensional truth is the one you live and not that upgraded common thinking you read and hear about. The experimental truth about the uplift is the one you experience self. And that is a natural cause of being. Called evolving. Only when we are all evolving together… than we are talking again, okay? Just know that all other dimensional life-forms are more evolved than we will ever be so don’t make a fuss about the current shift. We are just evolving. Like souls. So start embracing this unique concept of being and start to make your impact on the world. Make your own dimensional, read energetical, shift.

I am here that is it. Doing my thing, spreading my soul goodies to the world, in order to touch that soul of yours. Does this make me better? No, I am just doing what I am supposed to do as the meaning of life, of our lives, lives in the soul carriage of our unicity. Of our unique soul. Please do not measure in terms like light, star, worker. In terms like the third, fourth of fifth dimension and beyond as this secludes us of our real purpose of existence. Our existential truth is what we live by ourselves, by that beautiful soul core we possess, and we all have our contribution to the greater whole. Don’t give your ego mind a stage as your soul doesn’t need a stage to show itself…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen