Did you meet your twin soul / twin flame?


I met my twin soul. Almost two years ago. My twin flame. But what’s in a name…???? They say you feel that directly as soon as you meet… I am probably the exception on this ‘rule’… It took me a little while longer I suppose. But since October 2017 I know. I felt this. And the universe started to tell me this. Whispering in my ears. Over and over again! Message after message… And they still do… On a daily basis.

As soon as you feel this, you know this instinctively… Age won’t matter anymore. This is universally arranged and earthly matters won’t count, like age, race, background…, any longer.

When your heart knows this. It knows!
When your heart feels this. It feels!

But is it planned to live this sweet soul? We will see. I surrender to my universal plan. And what the outcome will be… I surrender too. It’s up to the divine will of being. Is it necessary for The Great Plan? The Great Plan of Love? To spread love on a larger scale than ever before. To touch hearts. To touch souls. To let these souls acquaint with their true self. Their authentic being. This purpose reunites twin souls! Faster than ever before. Because it’s time for a transformation. We are heading up to the fourth dimension! In a rather quick speed. It feels like I am going to step in a rollercoaster. The rollercoaster of Love. The universal Love I mean. Despite of what the outcome will be… Meanwhile I have my own truth. Of feeling. Of knowing. Also based on the universal whisperings…

In the present moment I found myself. And I know in the LOVE I feel towards, for and in my own being nowadays I don’t need anyone to carry me, to feel me ‘whole’ or to be with me. I found myself!!! And in the authenticity of my being, in the essence, I know and feel, that I am okay!

And that is the greatest gift and accomplishment I ever could give to myself, my beloved soul and sweet existence. I know I have made small steps and the process is lifelong but in the rediscovering of myself I found, as said, the real LOVE. Myself!!!

I FOUND MY OWN HAPPY FLAME!!! In the mirroring side effect of life. In the burdens I had to carry, in the grief I lived, the tears I shed and in processes I went through. This revealing process made my soul sparkle, shine and dashing! Isn’t that GREAT!!! It’s AWESOME…!!!

Twin soul or not, a burning love with my twin flame in the dusty surrounds of earth…??? Is it meant to be or not….??? I just go with the life flow and walk quietly the path of my precious soul. Meanwhile I make sure my OWN flame will burn. Sparkle. And in the radiantly of my Light, and the Love I carry in my soul, I try to illuminate others…

Love, Irmgard❤️

Ps I met my twin soul in June 2017…


Earlier I wrote:

My life changed rapidly and it is still such an emotional roller coaster. Dear twin soul man I am glad you came in my life… I liked you from the first time we met personally. But the process isn’t easy… until so far.

I met myself in the deepest layers of being, unfolded my essence and in this beautiful process of self-reflection I can say and emphasize I am okay with who I am now. I recognize our acquaintance was for the best and in the belief of knowing that I finally met myself too I can agree I love where I stand now.

I thank you for that with my heart, my soul and my love…

Love, Irmgard❤️