Devotional wisdom

As all wisdom is sourced
By the soul
A gathering of all experiences
Of the souls past lives
It can be possible that
A lot of pains
Have settled there as deep burdens
As deep pains
In to the deepest layers of your soul

This explains often why
You are afraid
You like or dislike people
Or energies what people vibrate
It is all connected
And sourced
By your well of Love
By your well of Light
Called your beloved soul

Your soul has a memory
It has such great wisdom!
How more lives you lived
Your soul lived
How ‘older’ your soul is
The more wisdom
Is hidden in the memories
Of forgetfulness
It is your own library of wisdom
The non-evoked truth

In alliance with your adaption
Your truth has to be revealed someday!
As the pains of the long hidden burdens
Can block your energy
Can block your adaption
But mostly can block your soul!!!
To live its highest soul potential of all
As that is our main purpose
The goal of the universe
We have to make sure your soul is cleaned

Therefore we arrange several circumstances
To let your soul be touched
On that particular pain, burden or grief
Once this specific spot
On your precious soul is touched
You can start to heal
The soul can heal the pains of the past
It won’t be easy but it will enlighten your soul
It will ease your path
It will give you such a relief
You had wished it has happened before!

The devotional wisdom
The devoted wisdom of your soul
Has to be released
As soon as it is, universally seen, time
As time doesn’t exist
We mean by this it is all scheduled
Planned when it concerns matters
Of your true awareness
The conscious you
And when its time, it is time
We can say that

But it can give you so much relief
So much enlightment
‘Room’ in your being
To let the energy flow (again)
It may be harsh to face these soul pains
But it is all for the best
When pains are relieved
Burdens are gone
There is place for beautiful matters
Such as love!

Isn’t that great?
Instead of hidden injuries
You can fill your inner being
With these loving and dashing matters
Let the light come in
Let the love come in
And make sure that the holes
Of the past (lives)
Are filled with happiness
With love and light

Zadkiël and Chamuël

Love Irmgard