Deepest revelation

When life overwhelms you in one or another way there is nothing more you can do than to pay attention to your own needs and start on focusing on self (once again).
In the midst of the troubled frequencies of your beloved being, the imbalanced prohibited humanly signs of being caught by life itself there is nothing to fear, nothing to lose and certainly nothing to be at risk. In the everlasting openness and willingness you might have been troubled by your giving nature and the moment you feel overwhelmed by all life had to offer, had thrown at you and the imbalanced feeling sets in… it sure is the moment to take a pause and to withdraw yourself of the (working) field you are in.
Last weeks, I felt completely overwhelmed and it was time to take my leads back and in the imbalanced meaning and setting of life, putting my house for sale (knowing that everything will be changed in a fraction of time as the universal acceleration gear is on) I was so extremely angry on the universe, my path and all for my souls best that I had to withdraw myself -even for a couple of days- to get that grip on life back.
The assignment for the sale of my house is send, I booked a tiny holiday and even in the sequenced troubling matters in my life now seemed to be highly necessary to take my own leads back as I followed my soul and its intuition in almost every input for quite a few years now. Even for the better, or the worst… it doesn’t mind as even in the deepest moments of last weeks (destroying all my paintings in total anger in its (my) deepest pains) I know, realize and feel deeply this was extremely necessary to choose for myself.
I am not proud on myself what I did, not at all, although the outcome of disclosing myself once again of Facebook, I have troubles with the webhosting of one of my websites and the main Dutch website is due to this off air and also the anger I felt, the outrageous deep destroying of my own work, was all necessary to feel that I am not an universal puppet. I am a highly aligned universal soul with its own free will and I have made the choice to focus on myself and that I can make my own choices in life.
I will not proclaim that anger will solve problems, I certainly doesn’t and the mistaken truth is that this was my unique act of pain to destroy the work I love to make. It is as it is and even in the deepest moments of pain there is growth. As said I needed those days to become whole, to feel in my deepest spelunks of being that I am worthy to make my own decisions although how many universal leads I receive. I am not a marionet, no universal puppet and definitely no soul without having my contentment about my own life.
Despite of those last days, weeks, I feel more what is essential, what is meaningful and every step I make, every decision I will make will be based on the question “does it make ME HAPPY”? In other words said does it make me feel alive joyfully, does it suit me on my ‘happiness meter’ and does it make me sparkle? And that… might be the main lead in everybody’s life…
Love, Irmgard
By Irmgard Daanen