Eager in my strive to declutter my premises I am allowed to give it a go. The marketplace is filled with my contribution of today and even Vinted has my uploads with the materiality (material stuff) I never could have imagined to let go. To get rid of.
My goal is simplicity. Simplicity in my means but also in my life. That literally implies the impact of my positive attitude and preferences will sprout someday into reality: a plain, simple be happy, stay happy life is my longing and my goal.
I am not there. O, definitely not! Some major hiccups to go yet, a bit mount climbing to do… feeling that once you get back on the evolution staircase there is always sometimes to conquer, learn and to improve.
So decluttering is my next step. Still… major steps to go. To be continued. Up to a luscious, abundant life. Without all that stuff holding me back. All what is gone can fill itself with plenty of other nice abundant things like experiences, happiness and (creative) ideas. Love the idea and the feeling!
Love, Irmgard